Jul 10, 2013

Europython 2013

I have been to Europython from Jul 1th to 3th. I felt like a teenager on spring break. Maybe because I was on a trip with two good friends, but mostly because it has been a awesome event.
This has been my first time at Europython. Every body has ever told me that it was a super event. And they were right.

The venue:

Florence: should I say more?
We were staying at a lovely house in a rented room via Airb&b in the very city center. The conference was held in a big Hotel good suited for the task near the amazing river that runs across the city.
Everything was perfect: the videos, the rooms power plugs everywhere. Food was good and there was plenty of it. The wifi was sometimes buggy but I had no real Issues. This is a miracle considering that there where at least ONE THOUSAND devices ( every geek has a laptop/tablet/smartphone combination)

The conference

The level of the talk was really high. some of the talk I appreciate the most ( in no particular order ):

  • "Good enough" is good enough! by Alex Martelli
  • Inside the Hat: Technology @ Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • ElasticSearch: Introduction and lessons learned
  • Open Source as a Business by  D. Cramer author of Sentry
  • Introduction to machine learning using Python tools
  • Crash course for opensource developers (Corso di sopravvivenza per sviluppatori OpenSource)
  • Practical uses for function annotations

Two of this talks deserve specific mentions:

Open source as a Business has been really inspiring other than informative. It gave me a meaningful view of how to apply a humble biz model to an opensource project.
Without all the buzz words from the sturtup scene.

Machine learning using Python tools was as good as a talk on this topic should be. The speaker demonstrated a very good knowledge of ML and share it with the ease that demonstrate a lot of dedication. A lot of info has been passed in just an less than an hour talk.

The people 

I met a lot of amazing developers, and I found a lot of people form the Django community. As you can see I had the chance to have a brief and informal talk with Alex Martelli. A very enjoyable and relaxed conversation with one of the greatest mind in both Google and the python community.

As A side note I have receved a lot of cheers for my past organization of the DjangoDay. Things grew a bit complicated in WebDeBs... but I defnitly try to organize something.. The  people ask for it! :-)

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