Nov 23, 2012

DDD: ten years too late

This is a good retrospective point. In my trip to Codemotion I got some real details on Domain Driven Design. And I understood that I never got really in to it. Because I thought it was a completely different thing.
I do not know how could it happened. Been superficial could be a reason. I just thought that DDD was the art to use ORM in a good way, design the model and the services / features around them. I was terribly wrong. And, for those who knows me closely, I do not like to be wrong. To amend this I bought
Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software and started reading it immediately. It's not and easy book, but it is amazingly interesting. I'm just ate the beginning but I want to quote Ralph Johnson, author of Design Patterns 
Eric Evans has written a fantastic book on how you can make the design of your software match your mental model of the problem domain you are addressing.
 And even before open it ( well.. I'm reading it on my kindle so I do not really open it! ) I have learned something. Never ever underestimate an acronym.

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