Jun 10, 2012

My Trip To Djangocon 2012 Zurich

I'm back from my trip in Zurich for the 2012 european Django Conference. It was great! Great talcks, great organization, free snacks, good WIFI and amazing location.

The venue

Stadion Letzigrund... a conference in a stadium foyer? YES great idea the location was perfect may be a bit cold in te morning but great talks and a hundreds of laptops wormed it up easly.

The topics

The trendy topics of the conf has been:
  • Databases: how to deal with them.. do we need NoSql.. should NoSql support be in the core etc... I think hybrid solutions could work at the moment... may be in the future full NoSql solution will become the standard, and standard support from frameworks too.
  • Javascript: the so called "Real time web" which, IMHO, is not just yet another buzz word. Things like google docs collaboration are sooo innovative! We need more of them, and we need stuff to build them.
  • ClassBasedViews: A stream of in the hallway was about CBV. A mandatory talk was given by BRUNO RENIÉ I had a really log chat about the topic in the ALMOSTINFINITEQUEUEFORTHEMOLTENCHEESE. I will write a dedicated post on that soon

My lightning talk!

Completely unplanned I got a lightning talk about my orl project Django-IDS. Inspired by ERIK ROMIJN talk: Building secure Django websites I hacked long hours in the evening and ported it in version 1.4. But You have to plan your talk well if they had to last just 5 minutes. And I crashend in the  "stop now" gong. I was almost done so it's ok anyway. A couple of people came to me asking details so I'm glad to have the chance to speak ad DjangoCon

The trip 

The trip was amazing. I traveled by car across the alps seeing beautiful Swiss landscapes. In on the way back we did the Gotthard Pass with now clouds and everything. But that did not stop the coding. I was in good company of my Incode friends and this is Magnum pushing a django app on Heroku

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