May 3, 2012

Bob Builder and the Clean Coder

As a GeekDad I often have to watch "Bob the Builder" TV Show.
After watching the same episode several time my mind had found the way to sublime the concept of the builder and I discovered that Bob is a good metaphore for the so called "Clean Coder". He is skilled , he relays on tools but actualy know how to do the job, he select the right tool for each job.
But the most important feature is that Bos is focused on team playing and work in an evironment friendly way ( SCM , your user data , UI ,UX , integration with other systems). I'm the kind of dad that tries to build wooden railways with a TDD aproach, so I think this is a good TV show for my children that could teach them to build things right.  

Can we fix it? Yes we can!

For the ones who doesn't know "The clean coder" is a book written by Robert Martin. It is  " A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers". It also lead to a series of interesting videos  and you can follow @unclebobmartin on twitter.

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